Reunion Dinner

Embark on an epicurean journey.
Four dishes and four wines await.

A collaboration between a chef and a certified sommelier, this is our third installment of our food and wine pairing series. We kicked off with four hawker dishes, second event with chicken rice and our Italian winemaker. This time we have pushed ourselves to give you our best yet!

Introducing our talented yet modest chef whose cooking is influenced by his Hakka roots. Striving to bring the freshest ingredients in a simple yet refreshing take on this rich cuisine.

Expect to have your taste buds titillated and your intellect stimulated with our enthusiastic sharing on wines by our in house Sommelier, Shalom Chin. Discover the stories behind these four beautiful wines, expertly paired in this four course meal.

This is a Chinese food menu that follows the basic Appetiser, Cold Course, Hot Course and fruit
dessert progression.

Reunion Dinner Food Menu


This Chinese menu follows a common Chinese dinner progression: appetiser, cold course, hot dish, dessert, with the addition of a Loh Hei bowl in light of the season. Prepared with Hakka and Szechuan ingredients, the night’s menu incorporates a variety of Chinese cuisines with a focus on treating diners well so that they will return comfortable, happy and high.


- Welcome Snack -

Funny flavour peanuts

Gran Castillo Rocio Brut Cava, Spain

- Cold Course -

Hakka cured egg, tea smoked

Peking duck rillettes

CNY jellyfish prosperity bowl

Oberemmeler Altenberg Pinot Noir 2015, Mosel, Germany

- Hot Dish -

Hakka furikake broth w rice noodle

Maximiner Detzemer Klosterlay Grauschiefer Spatlese feinherb 2013, Mosel, Germany

- Dessert -

Watermelon cubes w putien seaweed

Mustela Moscato d'Asti 2015, Italy

- Goodnight Snack -

Hakka rice pillow



Assorted pickles, mo, B.NU wine vinegar, and a Himalayan salt square as parting gift.

Note: for restricted diets, contains nuts, seeds, alcohol, gluten, caviar and flowers.

*Organiser reserves the right to make changes to the menu and wines.


The workshop will be presented by Shalom Chin. He holds a Wine Spirit Education Trust Diploma,
a Masters in Gastronomy from the University of Gastronomic Science and is a Certified Sommelier.
He has done vintages in Australia, Austria and Italy and has been involved with the wine industry for 13 years.

Note: For those with dietary restrictions, food samplings contain gluten, pork, nuts and alcohol.
Experience includes:

The Experience
- Four wines
- Served by a Sommelier
- Appetiser, Cold Course, Hot Course and fruit dessert.
- A night of fun in a cosy gallery setting

About BºNU
Inspired by the Sardinian word for wine, B°NU [bi ‘nu:] believes in bringing together a community of individuals who enjoy good food and wines through the thoughtful selection of artisanal
produce and the acknowledgement of the talented producers behind them.

Wed Jan 25, 2017
7:00 PM - 9:00 PM SGT
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